Hey there Fellow Cruisers & World Explorers !
We are The Cruise Duo (Storm’n Norm & Diamond Di) and we enjoy organizing, creating and escorting ‘unique’ dream cruises and shore/land excursions either as a group or on an individual basis. Diamond Di Discoveries is now able to co-ordinate our cruising travel requirements. Storm’n Norm also loves to research and plan a wide array of exciting, appealing and enriching shore tours with smaller groups and more personalized service than what the cruise line organizes. Economically priced with experienced guides, we love to escort cruises (at no charge to you or your group), arrange fun on-ship meet-n-greet events & FUN style activities. We also contribute to several travel blogs and are active on the “Social Media” networks including Facebook, Twitter and more!



                                    Storm’n Norm is The Cruise Duo!


By combining the Australian spirit of adventure, Storm’n Norm has continued  throughout

the years to create experiences for individuals & groups who love cruising. With Diane’s

Mid-Western charm and hospitality, we can together create fun-filled cruise experiences for

both the well traveled cruiser or for those who have never experienced the ‘thrill’ of being at sea.

So why not commence building life-long relationships and join Storm’n Norm & Diamond Di 

of The Cruise Duo on our next cruise.

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                                                  So are YOU ready to........

Welcome to The Cruise Duo
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